Popular singer Akothee is giving more reasons to netizens to believe that she is back together with her Ex-manager Nelly Oaks.

This is after she recently posted on Instagram story a video of her making fun of Nelly’s poor skills in preparing rice, whereby he literally referred to her as babe.

“Nelly will kill me one day, “ati babe I have fu**ed up the rice,” she captioned the video.

In the video, Akothee is heard asking Nelly what he did.

“You didn’t measure water, how many cups, is cooking already?Let me see,” the singer said.

She however seems to be having good times with her ex-manager, who was also her lover as she also shared a video while working out with him in a gym.

Lately, she has been capturing her fans attention who are still lost in speculations.

She is however unconcerned about their reactions and seems to be putting her happiness first. She also asks them to stop asking questions when they try to find out what is happening between them.

The much curiosity from netizens may be steered by the fact that Akothee recently walked out of her marriage with her mzungu man ‘Omosh’ saying that there are things she discovered about him soon after marriage and could not live with.

The mother of five stated previously that though she had broken up with Nelly Oaks, the friendship they shared was still intact.

“In Nelly Oaks, I see a brother, a father, a friend. It goes beyond all these things that people say,” she had sought to clarify.

While her fans are still curious to understand the state of their current relationship status, many may not be surprised if indeed they coupled again.

Fans have enough proof however that the two could be enjoying love together again as they have  been spotted in several videos being comfortable in each other’s company.

The famous singer’s free spirit is one of the biggest traits that has attracted her fans as she seems to enjoy living her life under her own terms.

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