Ida Betty Odinga better referred to as Mama Ida Odinga ,who’s been married to Raila Odinga for over 50 years has opened up about the difficulties faced by politician’s spouses.

Ida Odinga revealed this during a lavish party that was organized by Azimio party leader Raila Odinga to celebrate Ida’s 73rd birthday as well as their 50th anniversary.

Taking the stage Mama Ida stated that she knows most of the people who attended the party were politicians and she wishes she could have a meeting with the wives of those politicians.

“sometimes it is not very easy, it is not always bread and butter, sometimes it’s really painful.”

Azimio’s party leaders wife Ida went ahead and called a lady from the crowd by the name Priscilla and asks her, “yesterday when you were being drugged to that place? I wonder how many days you spent in the governor’s office, maybe never and what were you doing in that place when they were grilling the Governor? What were you supposed to be doing?”

The mother of 4 added, “sometimes marrying these politicians, you will be punished for things you do not understand.”

Mama Ida opened up  saying  that she was indeed laid off twice from her job and not because she was a bad performer in her job and not because she had done something wrong but it was because of marrying Azimio party leader Raila Odinga.

She added that right now the constitution of Kenya allows her to have security, “I’ve never been to those rallies, but my security was taken away because of him.” Mama Ida told the guests.

“You should not be punished for your fathers mistake, you should not be punished for your husband’s mistake that is if at all there was any mistake. That is that.” Mama Ida

The exclusive event took place at a prestigious five star hotel in Nairobi and was graced by prominent Azimio leaders, close friends and renowned personalities from the entertainment industry.




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