Brian Chira

Popular child comedian, Junior, has joined other concerned Kenyans to advice controversial TikTok sensation and socialite Brian Chira.

In a video that was shared on Instagram, the 6-year old  advised Chira that he could make content that is free of insults.

“My people, you know me as Junior Comedian. I have come to look for Brian Chira,” the young comedian stated.

He went ahead and said, “Let me give him advice. You know you can do good content without insulting people and you stop stupidity.”

Chira was left speechless but he assured Junior that he won’t disappoint him.

“Okay, I have heard you I won’t disappoint you okay,” he said as Junior walked away in confidence.

Chira closed off saying, “It is what it is.”


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Junior’s advice and confidence amazed netizens and they could not help but give their thoughts on the video  as well as Chira’s character;

@Yvonnetheblis: I watched Chira’s live the other day and I think he’s good. He’s probably lacking a mentor. Not in content creation but generally

@anyango_tabitha: My heart is starting to warm up to Chira and I don’t know why

@rubi.peroni: Nauwache ujinga

@nyethiel: good advice Junior

@matu_ofk I liked the way Junior left he walked like a man na comment noma sana bana.”

Brian Chira has been making headlines for insulting celebrities on social media. Some that he has targeted before include Azziad, Jalang’o, Mulamwah and even YouTuber Mungai Eve.

His attack on Azziad landed him trouble and he is currently battling a defamation lawsuit.





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