Media personality Betty Kyallo has made a comeback on YouTube after a long hiatus.

Betty returned to the video creating platform and her first episode focused on answering questions that fans had for her.

One of the questions was on how she deals with life. Betty delved into the topic saying that she also undergoes challenges and struggles just like other Kenyans.

“Life is hard, you guys check out and see Betty Kyallo she slays, oh she is opening this business one after the other mnafikiria ako tu sawa. Things are thick sometime. Some of the struggles that you guys go through I also go through, whether it is financial constraints. All of us literally go through the same thing. Whether its heartbreak, everything just happens to everybody therefore for me how to deal with life like you deal with everything as it comes,” she said.

The mother of one went ahead to reveal one of the financial constraints that she recently faced. According to her, she owed someone a debt and the person threatened to expose her on social media.

“Like today, I owed somebody some money, it is very normal to owe people money, that is how we live in tis country, even people owe me so much money, there people am still chasing to pay me 2-3 years later, even Kenya has a freaking debt. So this person calls me and tells me you better pay my debt otherwise nitakuanika kwa social media. There is a lot of work going on social media, I don’t give a a tot about those things ok fine go there people be Betty anaowe mtu pesa but I am like at the end of the day I was gonna pay, we are in communication we are friends then one day unaamka tu nataka yote leo. I went through that today, I had to go to my account and remove some colossal amount of money and pay them so that they don’t have to tarnish my name,” Betty said.

According to her, she had different plans with the money.




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