Betty Kyallo has recounted the moment she nearly lost her life at the age of 17 after being involved in an accident.

The mother of one spoke about the unfortunate incident during an interview with Nairobi News, revealing that she was knocked down by a matatu while she was going to meet her then boyfriend, who was staying in Kayole.

“I was going on a date and an appointment. I was crossing over the railways and a Matatu hit me, ripping off my face. I fell under it, and it dragged me on the tarmac road, causing my skin to peel off on the side of my face,” the former TV girl narrated, adding that, “I thought the matatu had killed my dream of becoming a news anchor.”

The accident saw her sustain a broken jaw, ribs, collarbone, and severely injured legs with her lungs being affected as well. Betty was admitted in hospital for two and a half months and she underwent 7 surgeries to bring her back to shape.

The boyfriend she was going to meet however dumped  her after the incident, leaving her shattered and disappointed.

“He left me because I had gotten into an accident? That was very emotional for me,” Betty said.

Betty and her ex’s paths however crossed again after some years in a supermarket. According to her, the man regretted his actions and hoped that they would reconcile and rekindle their love again. At the time, Betty was however involved with another man.



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