Singer Bahati has sent his lovely wife Diana Marua a letter amid trolls she is facing after celebrating their son’s birthday.

Diana has been on the spotlight for allegedly dressing indecently during the family photoshoot. Aside from that her children were insinuated to be fathered by various celebrity as elaborated in a doctored family photo.

Bahati however told Diana that despite everything going on on the media, She is a star. The EMB Records boss noted that he knows Diana  is not bothered by trolls

“I know you’ve been on the headlines trending , I know it really doesn’t bother you but I thought I should remind you one thing before you sleep. You are a star!!! I wish I would have been there to tell you this face to face but I’m out of town for a business meeting; Coming back to Nairobi Tomorrow,” he wrote on Instagram.

The father of five went ahead to state that Diana inspires many and has a lot of following and hence she is prone to receive public hate. He expressed his regret for bringing her into the limelight but she pointed that there is nothing to regret out because of the success it came with.

“No Lie you’ve overtaken Many ever since I did the first post to introduce you to the World as “My Prayer Partner” . At times I feel Sorry and regret forcing you to the limelight, at times I want to ask you for forgiveness for exposing you to this ruthless side of the world but looking at things Babe; This was God’s Plan, You were created for this!!! Look at your Numbers!!!” Bahati said.

He further vowed to support her and opened up on plans of marrying her.

“I can’t Wait to take Over the World with you; Our wedding plans are 70% done and I just cant wait to marry you. I LOVE YOU,” he wrote.

Diana commented on Bahati’s letter expressing her love for him.

“Coming out of the gym and seeing this….. PRICELESS!!!!! I LOVE YOU BAAABBBYYY. People don’t bother me, you know that and everybody aside, NANI ATANICHOKOZA USIKU NDIO TULALE 6AM when we have goals to achieve? 🤣🤣🤣🤭 I MISS YOU OUR NIGHTS, CAN’T WAIT TO HUG YOU TIGHT TOMORROW, MY KING @BahatiKenya ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I LOVE YOU ❤️,” the mother of three wrote.


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