DJ Fatxo

DJ Fatxo is once again making headlines, this time after a local radio cancelled his interview.

The interview was scheduled on Friday last week but did not go as planned following an uproar from fans.

The controversial DJ cum Mugithi singer has since broken silence urging Kenyans to stop cyber bullying.

“Social media is rotten, they are trying in all ways just to put celebrities down. It’s high time that cyber bullying ends,” he shared online.

dj fATXO

In their official statement , Ghetto radio said they value their customers hence why they took the step.

“Ghetto Radio cancelled an interview with Lawrence Wagura Njuguna, alias DJ Fatxo. That was scheduled on Friday, August 18, at 7am and 8am This is due to an online uproar from our fans, who felt it was in bad taste. As an organisation, we value our customers and our listeners, you come fast,” the station said on their Facebook page.

Fatxo had however been previously hosted on several radio stations including Radio Citizen.

DJ Fatxo found himself on the wrong side with netizens after being linked to the death of Jeff Mwathi. Jeff Mwathi died at the DJ’s house on February 2023. The father of one was the key suspect on Mwathi’s death.

He was cleared of murder charges on May 17 due to lack of enough evidence.

“It is clear that there is no single shred or iota of evidence to suggest any remote criminal culpability by our client or suspicion thereof, ” Fatxo’s lawyer said adding that  the DJ was not at his house at the time Mwathi died.

“In fact, it is very clear that our client was not even at his house at the material time that his friend, Jeff Mwathi met his death,”he noted.

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