Bernice Saroni, also knows as “Mamake Boyz” has responded to allegations of making Edday Nderitu, Samidoh’s Estranged wife, leave her matrimonial home.

The claims were made by a TikToker in a video that she had shared. In video, Edday used Nyako’s voice as background.

“If I meet my partner, if I meet my partner, I will meet a partner, yes I will, nitamficha kama bangi, mi nikuje nitangazie watu this is the man I am dating, nitamficha kama bangi, mtakuwa mnamuona kama bangi,” Nyako’s voice coud be heard.

One of the person who commented however suggested that that could be the reason why she made Edday dump Samidoh.

“Ndio Maana ulitoa Edday kwake,” the TikToker said.

Saroni however did not let the comment slide and chose to address it. She expressed that it was out of the best interests that she helped  facilitating the relocation of Edday and her children to the US.

She said that conversely to what many thought of her as being jealous of the singer’s Ex-wife, she was proud of helping Edday, adding that bringing her to the US was not easy, owing it to the fact that she was relocating with her kids.

The US-based Kenyan music promoter, also stated that being a Thanksgiving season in the States, one thing she is grateful  to God for is  Edday being in the US.

She further said that life in the US is doing Edday good:

“Hamuoni venye anaglow? Na watoto wake pia wanaglow?” she posed.

She happily remarked that Edday is looking blessed, happy and at peace.

Saroni was startled that people would think that because she is a single mum she wouldn’t be happy for Edday’s progress.

“Unafikiria ati nitaskia vibaya?Aaaii”


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She went to challenge netizens asking them what they are doing for their families. She asked them if they support their family members or they are just up to killing them with their words.

“Actually wewe unakaa tu wale watu wa kusengenya familia yako,”she mocked them.

Saroni further encouraged them to do good and spread love.

@mamakeboyzofficial Replying to @charityk690 yes very proud of myself for what I did to her.. am a woman and all I did it fix her crown #fypシ゚viral #happythanksgiving #productofgrace #mamakeboyzofficial #usa🇺🇸 #womanpower💕 #kenyantiktok🇰🇪 ♬ original sound – Mamakeboyzofficial

The mother of four has been close to Edday and has always been perceived to be having her back.

She tried to make it clear that as true as that is, her biggest concern is to see Edday well and happy.

Their endearing relationship had many thinking that she played a part in the separation of Edday and Samidoh ,an assertion that she harshly rebuked stating that it was not her habit to involve herself in other people’s marital issues.



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