Bootylicious socialite Vera Sidika has been taken ill and that is why she has been off the social media streets for a couple of days.

The 34 year old mother of two did her due diligence and informed her fans and followers of her current situation in  a post she shared on her stories on Instagram.

She also said that she would be taking a break from all social media platforms until she recovers.

“I’m unwell. Remember me in y’all prayers. I have been offline and will be staying off social media and any other apps for a bit. Until I feel better. All love,” Vera wrote.

Social media users have shared different reactiuons regarding her sicknesss as captured below.

“As we remember Vera in prayers, don’t forget to say Veronica Shikwekwe coz Mungu pengine hajui anaitwa Vera Si De Car,” an Instagram user said.

“Si aseme tu haga imeanza kuoza,” another comment read.

Vera’s sickness comes after her recent trip to Nigeria where she was spotted hanging out with Burna Boy. She was hosted at the Afro beat star’s  mansion and even spotted enjoying a ride in his luxurious Lamborghini.

The Nigerian trip came shortly after she spend a month in the US where she hosted several parties and had meet and greet session with her fans. Before that, she had just been to Dubai.

The Dubai trip followed immediately after her ex-husband Brown Mauzo had announced their split towards the end of August.

Mauzo seems to have moved on and of late he has been gushing over video vixen Kabinga Junior, who is said to be Otile Brown’s friend.

“I love you like I have never loved in my life, so love me like you never loved in your life,” the father of five said while  introducing Kabinga to his fans.

Vera however returned to partying and travel the world after a three-year break, thanks to Covid 19. During the break, she was however able to settle down with Mauzo and start a family.


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