Azimio diehard supporter Nuru Okanga has maintained that he sat for this years KCPE exams, many years after dropping out of school.

The aspiring politician dropped out of school in class 3 after the death of his polygamous father. His mother was however unable to finance his education.

According to him, he was a bright student and his headteacher was saddened by the fact that he could no longer proceed with his education.

Speaking to NTV, he said that he sat for his exam at Mumias Muslim Primary school for three days after attending rehearsals. At the time, he would not wander around his village home to avoid confusion. He also said that he was not very active on social media, and would only share photos with his fellow candidates.

“You can’t be allowed to post photos with candidates and the government is guarding that exam if you haven’t registered, its hard. I did the exam, we started with Maths, it was hard but we struggled with it, I know so much about political mathematics, I expected to get 40 marks in Mathematics,” he said.

Okanga poses for photo with 2023 candidates at Mumias Muslim Primary school.
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Okanga maintains that he could be the top student in the 2023 national examination, had he studied like the other candidates. He added that he only prepared for exams in two months.

“Mimi nilifanya mtihani na mtihani sikuona mashaka yoyote. Nataka nishukuru wale maafisa pia walitusimamia wale maaskari, supervisers walikuwa wazuri sikuona shida yoyote,” he said.

Okanga further said that it was Roots party leader George Wajackoya who motivated him to go back to school, because he aspires to run for a political seat and he would require the educational certificates.

Wajackoya hired him a qualified teacher who took him through thorough revision 2 weeks before the national exam.

“Watu wengi wanauliza ulikuwa unasoma sangapi? Na mimi ningetembea mchana lakini usiku…hata tulikuwa tunakosana na bibi kwa nyumba kwasababu sikuwa na time ya bibi usiku. Nilikuwa naweka miguu kwa maji ili nisilale, mwalimu pia ako hapo. Nashukuru huyo mwalimu ni mtu amehititimu, ako na digrii,” Okanga said.

He added that most of the questions asked in the national exams were not difficult. However, the science subject also proved challenging.

“Honestly I wasn’t perfect in science but I tried,” he said.

He also declined to reveal his actual results, and decided to playfully flow with the 401 marks that Kenyans on X  awarded him.

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