Bernice Saroni, Samidoh’s cousin has faulted UDA Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu for being responsible of Samidoh and Edday Nderitu’s separation.

In an interview with Vloggers, Bernice did not hold back as she admittedly blamed Karen Nyamu for solely causing Samidoh and Edday  to drift apart which led to their eventual separation.

She however maintained that Edday’s decision to relocate in the United States was her personal decision and she did not sway her in any way to fly to the states.

The mother of four squarely pointed the finger at Karen Nyamu for Edday’s decision to leave Kenya reiterating that Nyamu should be held accountable for the whole ordeal.

“That question , go and ask Karen Nyamu because she is Samidoh’s side chick. Not me first of all, I wanna make this clear to all Kenyans when asking me if I’m the one who got Edith from Kenya , I am not Karen. If Edith left for Kenya and went to the US or whatever decision she made. I’m not responsible for that so they have to deal with Karen people should keep me out of that,” Bernice said.

When asked whether there was a possibility Samidoh would ever go back to Edday, the US based content creator declined to comment.

She stuck to the argument that she is not at liberty to give marital advice to personal issues which do not concern her.

Bernice maintained that there is no bad blood between her and Karen Nyamu and she did not in any way hold any bias towards the situation.

She surmised that she had not done any wrong to Karen Nyamu and therefore this did not necessitate her to make any apology to the senator as she was purely taking a neutral stance to the complex situation involving Samidoh, Karen Nyamu and Edday Nderitu.







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