Singer and songwriter Bensoul has recalled the moment he decided to quit school to focus on his music career.

At the time, he was pursuing a Bachelors degree in Civil Engineering at University of Nairobi and he hadn’t achieved any milestone in the music industry.

“I was studying civil engineering and I quit school, I decided I wanna do music full time  and by then I wasn’t a superstar  so nilikuwa najiaminia . That was a risk but I am glad that I did,” he said in an interview.

His mother was worried about his decision but nevertheless she supported him. According to him, she never judged him him. She was also positive that Bensoul would eventually make it.

“She was a bit afraid about it but she supported it . Thanks to mum, alinisupport in so many ways  hakunijudge in many ways  venye wazazi wanakuanga . She was like, I know that music is even gonna take you further  and it’s happening manze, tunalipwa vizuuri kuliko hao macivil engineer,” Bensoul added.

The artist went ahead to reveal his expensive rate card, saying that he doesn’t perform if a client is unable to meet it.

“Siweziperform show kama si 750K. Ni ukweli, si ile ati ya kucover ama kiki or anything, ukiangalia ratecards zangu, the shows zenye nafanya na band lazima wafike hio  bei of which inaenda ikipanda, the more I put out music  rate card inapanda mnibook saa hizi vile mnaweza,” he said.

Bensoul dropped out of University after three years of study. While he was still a student at UoN, he met Hart The Band in 2013 and the group requested him to be writing songs for them. That’s when he realized that he was better of being a musician than a civil engineer.


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