The Queen of the streets Shakilla Tiffany has come out to explain why she prefers being with Nigerians and not Kenyan men.

In an interview with Vloggers, the socialite claimed that Kenyan men are stingy and don’t have good looks as well.

“Nigerians are romantic. I actually prefer Nigerians to Kenyans,” she said

“I don’t know even if I will finish tonight. There are a lot of things First they(Kenyan men) are stingy, Kenyan men look alike, they don’t really look that good, I emphasize on the word stingy. A Kenyan man can never give you money he rather pay for it but they can never give you money. They don’t last in bed, it’s minutes, I am talking about hours in Nigeria. Kenyan men, most of them have wives so it’s really hard to roam with them around lazima uwafiche, they are like wababaz. I don’t like that, I wanna roam with my man . A Kenyan man can not pay for your flight to go somewhere he will have to ask you a thousand questions before he does that, I don’t like that, ” Shakilla went ahead to explain.

She also admitted that she has never been in any relationship before, after one of the interviewers wanted to know which Kenyan man disappointed to extent that she hates them that much.

“I have never been in a relationship before, I have just been in situations. I have been in other people’s relationships but I have never been in my own relationship. I don’t think I can be in a relationship because I am young, I am 20 years so I’m just testing other people’s relationships and see how it is before I find mine,”  Shakilla said.

At the same time, she said  that she wants to focus on her growth, even if it will mean being financed by men. According to her, having a boyfriend drags her behind and she can’t be herself.

Shakilla added that she considers herself the queen of gold diggers.

“I will always ask a guy for money, I am broke , I don’t have money at all if you see me like this, I am a gold digger.”

“In your twenties is when you should make the most out of your years for a lady, ladies expire faster than men so you need to utilize it more. if you find an opportunity use it to build yourself a house build yourself,” she further advised young women on dating Wababaz.




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