Renowned Kenyan rapper Stevo Simple Boy has taken a bold leap into the world of business by launching his own line of juice, Freshi Barida.

The artist made the momentous announcement through his official Instagram page, marking a significant milestone in his career trajectory.

Last year, Stevo Simple Boy captured the hearts of many with his catchy phrase ‘freshi barida’, which loosely translates to “cool and refreshing” in English. With a brilliant entrepreneurial vision, the rapper has now transformed this slang into a tangible reality by introducing a range of juices that embody the essence of his trademark phrase.

The unveiling of the ‘Freshi Barida’ juice brand is a testament to Stevo Simple Boy’s innovative spirit and creative inspiration. The artist’s Instagram post featured vivid imagery of the vibrantly packaged juice bottles, hinting at the exciting flavors that are set to captivate the taste buds of his fans and consumers alike.

The ‘Freshi Barida’ juice collection boasts an impressive variety of six distinct flavors, each carefully curated to deliver a burst of delightful taste and revitalizing goodness.

Stevo Simple Boy’s dedication to providing a diverse range of options reflects his commitment to ensuring that his juices cater to a wide array of palates, aligning perfectly with his aspiration to bring joy to his followers through his music and now, through his flavourful beverages.

In a move that emphasizes his connection with his fanbase, Stevo Simple Boy turned to his Instagram followers to seek their input on who should be invited to the much-anticipated launch event.

 “Wakati wa uzinduzi umewadia sasa…je ungetaka tumwalike nani kwenye uzinduzi wa vinywaji zetu?”he posed,

This interactive approach not only reflects Stevo Simple Boy’s humility and appreciation for his supporters, but also serves as a testimony to his eagerness to share this exciting journey with those who have been an integral part of his rise to fame.

Some of the celebrities who have congratulated his bold move is Khaligraph Jones.

“Waliokudharau siku moja watakusalimia kwa heshima. Congratulations Stivo brand ambassador,” he said.

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