Pritty Vishy

Content Creator Pritty Vishy now claims that her ex-boyfriend Stevo Simple Boy is not married to Grace Atieno.

Stevo introduced Atieno publicly early last month during his father’s funeral saying that she is his one and only wife.

Vishy however claims that the two are just dating and it is not serious.

“That is a girlfriend/boyfriend thing. You have not placed a ring on her finger, that means he is still in the market. You can not confuse marriage with [dating].  If he puts a ring on the finger and asks ‘will you marry me’ then it is okay because that is serious, but it is not serious because he has not proposed. Bro, you are not married because she is your girlfriend and maybe you are cheating,” she told Kalondu Musyimi.

According to her, her move to post her old photo with Stevo on Valentines day was intended to show that Stevo is still in the ‘market’. She warned that he might be taken, although not by her.

“That was to show that bro you are not married. They should stop confusing relationship and marriage, they are very different things,” Vishy noted.

“Come we stay is not a marriage, even the court said so. You have to do the right thing if you love her,” she added.

Vishy however said that she was speaking out of jealous. She further said that she would gladly attend Stevo’s wedding if she is invited.


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