Content Creator Purity Vishenwa alias Pritty Vishy has revealed that she is being approached by unknown people who want her to make pornographic videos.

Vishy shared online that she has been getting such requests in her DMs and through phone calls for the past five months.

“The way I get DMs and calls unknown telling people telling me to go and meet them at a certain location to act pawn. If I block them, they will look for another number. I am even afraid now. To be honest, it has been over5 months getting such on my WhatsApp. Am I even safe?” she posed.

Vishy proceeded to share a screenshot of her conversation with one of the pornography recruiters. The individual claimed that Vishy will be paid Kshs600,000 to act, adding that no one will know it is her.

She was however not interested in the deal.

“No, ain’t  interested,” she said.

The recruiter further asked if she is interested in doing hookups that would see her earn  Kshs50,000 for three hours. He said that they were only looking for thick women. Below is the screenshot of the conversation.



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