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Thee Pluto’s girlfriend Felicity Shiru has admitted that singer Willy Paul once slid in her DM.

Felicity made the revelation while responding to questions from fans in a YouTube video together with Thee Pluto.

According to her it was long before she started dating the chief sanitizer.

“A long time ago.  Before we even met(with Thee Pluto). I think I was in campus or after Highschool. It was a long time ago,” the mother of one said.

Thee Pluto however wanted to know what he told her at the time but she didn’t reveal details of the conversation. He however said that Willy Paul DMed Felicity a second time after they began dating.

“But maybe he was calling you for a gig,” the father of two assumed.

Willy Paul has been exposed several times for sliding into girls DMs and asking for sexual favors. In  July 2020, he was exposed for sliding into socialite Shakilla’s DM. A week later, he was also exposed by blogger Edgar Obare.

Obare released chats between Willy Paul and a woman who was based in Dubai. In the chats, the singer wanted to meet the lady who informed her that she was far away. He went ahead to request for her photos but when she turned down the request, the conversation did not end well.

One of the screenshots that was released by Edgar Obare in 2020.


The Umeme hitmaker was also blasted in December 2022  by YouTuber Phillip Majunkie who claimed he was hitting on his girlfriend.

The YouTuber shared screenshots of the conversations between the artist and his girlfriend with NGC. Majunkie and his girlfriend went ahead and tricked Willy Paul who arrived at the agreed meeting place in his yellow Mercedes.



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