Stevo Simple boy has woken up to upsetting stunts from his ex Pritty Vishy and he seems not happy about it.

Pritty Vishy  thought and decided to post a throwback valentine picture of the two asking her followers if they feel its valentines?…

”To our online inlaws ata nyinyi mnaona ni valentines 💝 💖
Anyway happy valentines day jaherana🤣🤣🤣;”Posed Pritty Vishy.

On the other side Stevo Simple boy did not appreciate her sentiments and warned her of  malicious plans that could easily ruin his marriage.

”Do not break my marriage please, I am in Welo Welo, I am being fed papocho pocho here, I am not in the market, just leave me alone.”Replied Stevo.

Pritty Vishy’s followers also jammed to the tune with others wondering why she had to post that bearing in mind Stevo had introduced his wife identified as Grace during his fathers burial over the weekend.

”in nmeona 😂 Stivo ameintroduce bibi kwa matanga 😂 jameni acheni kutuconfuse 😂 mnafanya sis i wambea tuonekane waongo 😂🤌💔”

”Wewe mb**** acha uchokozi kwa stevo, he’s happy married now ,hv some respect mb***” a

”Umekataa ku move on..” a section replied back..

Since they broke up last year the two have been on the spot for clout chasing and online clap backs.


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