Police operating along the Kenya-Tanzania Border have arrested and detained two Tanzanians for smuggling explosives to Kenya.

The two were caught on Friday, following a tip off by the locals, when  they were trying to enter the country through the Isebania Border in the southern part of Migori Country.

Migori County Police Commander, Francis Nguli stated that the two did not have required certifications for them to access the Country nor did they have proper licensing in their possession to allow them convey the mining hazards.

“They did not have the permission to enter our country and that is one of the mistakes” Nguli said.

According to a police report, around 25 cartons of the explosives which weighed 600 kilograms were found inside the Probox car which the two Tanzanian detainees were using to travel to an unknown destination.

It is also alleged that the confiscated goods were worth Ksh9 million.

The County Police Commander of Migori County also noted that the police have launched an investigation to find out if the explosives sneaked into the country were meant for mining activities before arraigning the detainees in court.

Nguli who appreciated Migori residents for tipping off police officers about the controversial Tanzanians has also affirmed that police officers will always be on the lookout to ensure that Migori is not used as an avenue for sneaking in contraband to the Country.

The Police Commander also shared that those conveying such explosives are knowledgeable that they should be in possession of permits used for mining explorations or activities which can be acquired from the Ministry of Mining, Blue Economy and Maritime Affairs.

In a similar Occurrence on 15th November, the Directorate of Criminal Investigations Operations Support Unit captured eight suspects in a USD 439 Trillion fraud which targeted two foreign businessmen from Netherlands in an ongoing operation at a warehouse in Nairobi.


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