Jiddena Theodore, an American rapper and singer, confessed that he used to sleep with ladies he used to date for the pleasure of it.

He regrets hat he indulged in the behaviour calling it shameful and exploitative.

“I used to lie for sport, just coz it was fun. I didn’t realize I just enjoyed manipulation. I am an excellent manipulator. I didn’t understand yet how to relate to women in a way that wasn’t exploitative,” Jidenna began off in an interview.

He revealed that he would make women to comply with what he wanted without giving time or space to contemplate about it. He said that he would stop them intimidatingly.

The popular rapper would craft tactics of bringing close the ladies he wanted, making them feel secure, wanted and provided for.

“I mastered your life, I gave you a house, food, I did what men are supposed to do,” the ‘Classic Man’ hitmaker added.

Further elaborating his strategy he said that if a lady was creative, he would fold them into his artwork, if in his artwork, he gave them a job.

Jidenna said that he would make them feel wanted and cared for.

“I used to cheat on a daily basis. Every single day I would cheat with two different women for a period of like three years. I never had intercourse with a woman more than twice,” he said.

His journey to becoming a better person started after he lost two girlfriends at the same time while trying to date them both.

“I hit the rock bottom ,I didn’t think that I deserved love and Isaw myself for the first time.”

He recalls this as the moment when his journey to being truthful in relationships begun and set This mind to make love a priority.





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