Peter Salasya, Mumias East Member of Parliament has come forward to refute claims that he is not learned.

Salasya addressed the trending issue through an interview were he was asked what his esponce was to people who thought he was an acedemic dwarf.

The law maker boasted that he is among the top Members of Parliament with a rich educational background.

He insisted that he went to school  and he was set to unveil his certifications the coming week.

Salasya bragged to have acquired the second class lower division in campus before blasting students who boasted of being in the first class honors or the second upper class division.

”Am among the top members ambao wamesoma.Mimi nimesoma na nitaonyesha certificate yangu next week. Nilipata second class lower division watu wa second class lower division hoyeeeee..mko wapi? unajua watu wa upper watu wa second upper huwa wanaturingia sometimes but its also good mimi ni wa second lower nakubali, watu wengi wanapatanga upper.”

The first tim law maker also revealed that he had his eyes set on his Masters. He explained that Universities in Kenya gave one a leeway of three years before advancing to Master degree.

Salasya stated that he was qualified for his masters degree and he was set to pick up his certifcate at Egerton University.

He assured that after he got his certifications he would post it on his social media pages so as to have the last laugh and embarrass the people who claimed he was an academic dwarf.

”Nimequalify kwenda Master kwa sababu unakaa miaka tatu ndio uende ufanye Masters. So now very soon  am going to start Masters. Naenda kuchukua certificate Egerton University next week na nitaweka kwa media ndio wale watu ambao wanadharau Salasya ati hakusoma mtaaibika nasema mtaaibika.” he assured.


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