Two Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) officers have been arrested after allegedly detonating a grenade in a bar.

The officers who were arrested on Saturday are said to have detonated the grenade at 6 AM In Sotik, Bomet county.

According to the report written on the Police Abstract number, one of the officers was on leave while the other was on a weekend off leaving out important details including whether the two were involved in a confrontation or whether they were under the influence of alcohol.

The report however added that the police had been notified by the chairman of the trading centre in question that there had been 2 loud bangs which residents in the area suspected to be gunshots.

” Today at 0600 hours the chairman of Chebole Trading Centre notified the police that there were 2 loud sounds suspected to be gunshots within the trading centre.” read the report in part.

Following the incident, police officers based at Sotik police station rushed to the scene.

On assessing the crime scene, they discovered two grenade pins at the bar, evidence that 2 grenades had been detonated.

” A search was conducted in the bar and two grenade pins were recovered suspected to be from grenades that caused the explosive sounds” the report read.

Further investigations led to the discovery of a black bag belonging to one of the suspects.

Inside the bag, officers found 4 grenades along with other personal effects hidden behind the bar’s counter.

The two suspects remain in  Mutarakwa police post awaiting arraignment on Monday as investigations continue.

Luckily, no injuries were reported when the grenades went off. However, the unfortunate incident has spiked a conversation about what security equipment officers are allowed to take home.


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