Controversial blogger Andrew Kibe has channeled his axe towards the newest wife in town Akothee.

The podcaster has told off people who attended Akothee’s wedding that took place on 10th April 2023.

Kibe just like he does to any Kenyan did not savor his word and bashed Akothee for wearing make up that is not suited for her skin colour which he says made her look bad on her on her big day.

Kutoka juzi nimeona picha na video nyingi kutoka kwa harusi ya Akothee. Macho hayaoni tena. Nimeona vitu vingi mpaka nikajiuliza Mungu wangu nitapona kweli.”

Kibe expressed his astonishment by her look and he decried that his friends were not honest with outlook.

Niliangalia nikaona amevaa’ make-up nikasema, watu hamko wakweli. Kuna picha moja niliona nikasema picha hiyo ikiwekwa kwa mlazo, anakaa kabisa mtu amekufa. Sijui pengine ni jua la Kenya,”  Kibe said.

Flaunting himself as the only true friend to Akothee,Kibe noted that he tried his best not to be negative about Akothee’s wedding but his gut would not let him.

“From what I saw, I said they made a mistake. Because no one among her friends would tell her that you are not a make-up person, you are only a ‘lip balm’ person.

”There is a problem of skin color not matching that -make-up’. It’s like someone who had a head transplant or something.” Kibe added.

He further asked the self proclaimed president of single mothers to look for him so that he can explain to her the entire unfolding.

Akothee I want you to know that you don’t have real friends, if you had them, they would tell you the truth. I am only your true friend. Look for me, let me explain,” Kibe said.

Akothee has changed her Bio To Miss Schweizer.


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