The self-proclaimed chairman of gospel music Alex Apoko, popularly known as Ringtone, has confessed that he loves Akothee, who recently wedded the love of her life Dennis Omosh Schweizer.

Ringtone said that he would have married Akothee in future had he not found someone to marry but now she is taken.

“Akothee didn’t invite me and if she sent an invitation I didn’t receive it but I want to say that I love Akothee so much. I was just planning that one day If I miss someone to marry completely, I marry Akothee,” he told YouTubers Nicholas Kioko and Vincent Mboya.

Ringtone said that he loves Akothee because she is a good person and because of her playful nature which he hoped would have taken him closer to God.

“I knew that Akothee will eventually calm and go back to God. If she becomes an evangelist, many people will get saved,” the tenda wema hitmaker said.

At the same time, he said that Akothee is the one who has married Omosh and not the other way round.

“Now that Akothee ameoa ametufungulia barabara. Akothee can not be married. Who can marry her. She married Omosh and if he plays he gets beaten, if he refuses to wash utensils, fetch water he gets beaten. Whether he likes it or not, he will thoroughly be beaten,” Ringtone said.

According to him, Omosh got married to Akothee without knowing her true colors. Ringtone told him to come out incase he encounters the mistreatment.

“I want to tell Omosh, if he should not fear opening up if he gets beaten, we are here to defend him. We are the only ones who can manage Akothee. Akothee is going to gain weight but Omosh  will grow thin,” he said.


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