Akothee has been forced to apologize to her make-up artist just a day after Andrew Kibe and other critics condemned her make-up on her wedding day.

The artist said that she was responsible for ruining the make-up yet the job had be done well. According to her, the well done make-up was destroyed because she got emotional after putting on her gown.

“Allow me Apologize publicly to my make up artist @kristeen_kuria mommy forgive me for messing up your make up and giving you a had time on my Big day. We started it well until I had the gown on. I have no idea why emotions took the better part of the day, I could not stop the tears mommy and when it was time to walk down the aisle so much was going on in my head,” the mother of five said on social media.

Things got worse with the presence of her father and this saw her arrive at the altar with no make-up at all. She was sorry for her make-up artist because she woke up so early but her effort was wasted.

“The date come too fast in as much as I announced my wedding back in 2022 September which didn’t seat well with most people. I am sorry mommy @kristeen_kuria. You know how many times we changed venues just to make sure we don’t step on anyone’s shoes or cause side shows. I love Peace. Then when I saw my DAD Oooh it has always been my dream for him to hand me over officially.. mommy I arrived at the alter with No make up at all. I know how you feel , please and especially that you cane at 5.00 am ,nkt I am a talented FOOL. I LOVE YOU QUEEN. You are a HERO,” she said


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