Blogger Xtian Dela has opened up about battling mental health. Xtian has been trending online for the past few days after his mother alleged he has not spoken to her in four years.

The mother Naomi Nyongesa in an interview that has since gone viral, lashed out at her son for cutting her off since 2019. Her pleas to see him and iron out their differences were shut down, and eventually, he blocked her.

Arthur Mandela Nyongesa has now reacted to his mother’s claims saying he has been facing mental health struggles. On Monday, March 6, he took to his popular Twitter account where he tweeted that he had attempted suicide twice.

“I have TRIED to KILL myself TWO times. 16 Years on social media, I never thought it would Consume my Mental Health. Kenya has the worst social media bullies on earth. It’s always “fun” until someone like Xtian Dela actually kills themselves!”

To add on that, he advised cyber bullies that they don’t know the deep facts that led to his abandoning his family. He shared an article and a video speaking about toxic mothers.

Xtian has been speaking about his life and bad decisions on his popular YouTube channel, back in February, he told;

I still have mental health issues…. You don’t just ‘HEAL’.. But I am working on myself . Every day I get better. I might look strong, even post about mental health stories, and look perfect… but I’m not… I’m still a work in progress… I’m just sharing my journey with you.”

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