Matatu Businessman Jamal Marlow’s has been exposed as a wife batterer by his ex-wife  Amira.

Amira took to her Insta stories saying Jamal had been abusing her physically during their marriage.

According to her, he would also assault her during pregnancy. The assaults saw her miscarry back in 2021 but his family however encouraged him to continue.

“He did and was actually pregnant at that time(2021) and it was his sister’s wedding being done in my house. That was the latest incident. Let me not talk of how he used to beat me hata nikiwa 9 months pregnant with my son Amir. This time he hit me in front of my kids, his parents and his family and they stood there actually gassing him up to beat me  and that’s when I was done(had a miscarriage),” Amira opened up during a Question and Answer session with fans.

She went ahead and urged those who were at her house on the fateful day to confirm if the allegations were true.

“I know some of you all here were at my house that day. You can come and confirm if this is true. If I only could write everything I went through with this man the past 2 years in summary, It was mental , physical and emotional abuse,” she said.

In a separate Insta story, Amira said that she regrets marrying Jamal and that if she could go back in time, he would not be the father of her children.. According to her, he is the worst person she has ever met and will never forgive him.

Amira said that she only persevered the toxic marriage because of her sons.

“I will leave this here for my boys one day when they grow up Insha’Allah they will see will see this. I stayed in a toxic and violent marriage because of them, held into a marriage that was already broken. He was the worst person I have ever met and I loathe him with a passion. I will never forgive him and even if I die today(Only God knows when)I wouldn’t want him to bury me or even mourn me. I left because I had to be happy with myself,” she said.





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