Hilarious Kenyan comedian Crazy Kennar  is definatley a man after God’s heart following his efforts when it comes to supporting churches.

Lat year the comedian made a huge contribution towards a church in his rural home Awasi and this year he is building a church.

Kennar, through his social media shared a picture of the ongoing construction progress of the expected church which was followed by a promising caption

“Church building coming up one step at a time. In the coming months we do the slab and raise the walls. Blessed Sunday.”

He also shared a picture of the materials of the construction and his followers had everything to say about it.

”Hii sasa ndio iku juu…hii sasa ndio inabamba…hata hautajua baraka zinatoka wapi.” commented former comedian and now politician Jalang”o.

However, another follower was not pleased with Kennar for posting his progress and another one also had an idea of what the comedian would have constructed instead of  a church and the comments received slaps from individuals who were pleased with the progress:

@e_kemeli ”Not hating…but kennar is it necessary to show that you’re doing good”

@e_kimeli Incase anyone wants to contribute..how will they know..just shut up and pass…ur comment is petty.

@tosinopawole If it is a CSR, building a skill acquisition centre for the community would have been better.
@mogire_snr @tosinopawole you can as well do that in your community.
The comedian is currently in his rural home Awasi in Kisumu county.


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