Willy paul

Controversial secular musician Willy Paul has urged women who are interested in dating him to drop their applications.

The Umeme hitmaker said that he was single, giving a leeway for women smitten by him.

“Just driving around alone enjoying the fruits of my hard work. I am single again, please send your CVs ladies,” he said.

His post attracted mixed reactions with some advising him to stay single as others expressed interest. Below are some of the reactions;

Only With Rama: Alone na nilikuona kitengela na mtu watu si wajinga bwanaa😂😂😂

Dama Dapesh: Stay single! This other side, Wueh

Ndambuki James: Next victim atume cv na amake sure ametoka na pesa.


His post however comes just days after he threatened an artist who was eyeing his baby mama.

“Just Me After Working Out Manze, Kuna Msanii Ameji Bleach Naskia Alienda Kwa Mama Ya Mtoto Wangu. Bro Chungana Na Mimi Utawekwa Chupa. Stay Off My Lane Coz I Can Be Very Harmful To You’re Fake Life,” he threatened.

In July this year, Willy Paul revealed that his relationship with Miss P  was not going well, just weeks after their grand reunion that left Kenyans talking.

“No pain no gain, look at that 💪 btw I’ll give a mature update about me and Miss P. Nikama vitu haziko sawa but tunaheshimiana,” the artist revealed.

The two reunited in April  after Miss P claimed that she had made false allegations about Willy Paul harassing her sexually, while she was signed under him. The two later released a song a song together.

In May the Saldido records owner announced that he was ready to marry Miss P.

“I’m marrying her. I’ve been hiding it but not anymore,” Willy Paul said.

Miss P has since maintained a very low media presence.

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