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Celebrated Kenyan musician Willy Paul has responded to fellow artist Bahati’s grand gesture of gifting his wife a Range Rover for their 7th wedding anniversary.

Speaking with YouTubers, Willy Paul said that he is not aware of the news but said congratulated Bahati if that was the case.

“Siajona hio but kama kunaye congratulations, kazi ya Mungu,” he said.

The interviewer windered if he also had someone that he would offer such an expensive gift and he responded saying, “The fact that hatuonyeshi haimaanishi hatufanyi, ni venye some of us tunapenda tu a private life.” Translated, this means, “Just because we don’t show it off doesn’t mean we don’t do it; some of us simply prefer a private life.”

Willy Paul’s statement reinforces the idea that personal relationships can be celebrated and nurtured without extensive public displays. He acknowledges that, while public figures often feel compelled to share personal milestones with their fans and followers, others opt for a more reserved approach when it comes to their private lives.

The contrasting approaches of these two prominent musicians reflect the diverse ways in which individuals choose to celebrate their personal relationships and express affection. Willy Paul’s comments highlight that, beneath the public eye, there is a realm of privacy and intimacy that remains essential to many.

The Kenyan entertainment industry has been abuzz with admiration and curiosity since Bahati presented his wife with the opulent anniversary gift. The lavish gesture, although appreciated by many, caught the attention of his peer, Willy Paul, who emphasized that the lack of public displays doesn’t indicate a lack of affection or generosity.



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