Tanzanian Artiste Nandy has talked about her relationship with Tanasha Donna. She revealed that they knew each other even before Diamond and Tanasha became lovers.

Nandy explained that during her travels to Kenya where she collaborated on a song with Willy Paul they would engage in conversations. She said that they were friends and that God had blessed them by becoming mothers, however she added that when they meet they do not talk about family matters but rather about their musical pursuits.

Nandy is currently married to Bill Nass and they have one child together they for the first  time this year revealed their daughter’s face to the public.

“Ukaribu wangu mimi na Tanasha, mimi na yeye tumeongea kabla hata hajawa na mahusiano na Diamond kwa sababu mimi zamani kiindi cha Hallelujah naimba na willy paul naenda Kenya. Tanasha nilikuwa naongea na yeye. Mimi na yeye ni marafiki Mungu kamjalia kama mama na mimi nimekuwa mama na tukikutana huwa hatuongelei mambo ya familia sana bali huwa tunaongelea kuhusa taaluma ya muziki” she said.


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She also addressed why this year she would not be holding her yearly Nandy Festival.

In an interview with  bloggers Nandy said she took a  hiatus from Music considering now that she was raising a baby but she also said that preparations were under way for next year and that the next festival will happen in the first few months of 2024.

The singer started her musical journey when she turned six years old. At the age of 15, she joined the school choir, allowing her to realize her dream fully. As a result, she was able to sharpen her prowess as a singer.

Nandy has become a household name in Tanzania and East Africa at large. Through hard work, discipline, and commitment, she has released many hit songs and collaborated with renowned singers in East Africa.


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