Willy Paul a.ka mwana mkunaji has left the internet roaring after asking Diamond to the Umeme challenge.

Willy Paul made the request to Diamond through a Caption of his latest Umeme challenge on instagram.

”Nipigie challenge moja bro,just follow my steps hapo” he wrote

Through the caption Pozee also bragged saying that there only two Simba’s ”Lion” in East Africa , Diamond Platinumz and him.

”East Africa Simba ni wawili tu mimi na wewe bro, Lets take the East African music even further” said Willy Paul.

His fans were however, not pleased with his statements noting that he was slowly losing it.

”I believed you bro but you are tripping bro hakuna kitu kama simba wawili pozee”

”Wacha kusimp banaa anywayz wacha tuone kama umeme utamshock”

”Diamond doesn’t know you my guy tulia uliza Meja.” they responded.

Willy Paul has so far received backlashes about the song since he revealed that he spent over 500k and about 2.3 Million on the video which has so far garnered 320,000 views on Youtube.

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