Otile Brown has promised to reward anyone who will bring him his laptops that were recently stolen while in Tanzania.

The ”Niseme Nawe ”hitmaker revealed that he is willing to give out any amount of money just to get the laptops back.

According to him, the laptops have very important content and loss of them has been giving him sleepless nights.

“People out there, I have a message for you all, Bongoland you have punished me. Whoever will find my laptops will get money. It is not a must we go through police. Its because of the content that is in there. I can pay you money so that you return the laptops to me. I know right now you are in the process of finding customers. The content that is in there is very important. I can give you the amount of money that you need so that you can return the laptops. It will be a big favor to me because I am currently in a difficult position, I can’t sleep. For those who have them please organize yourselves,” he said in a video he shared on Insta stories.

On Tuesday, Otile revealed that his 2 laptops had been stolen at the Julius Nyerere International airport in Tanzania. He lost two MacBooks. The security at the airport however did not act swiftly in order to help him recover his items.

“So Kwenye airport ya Julius Nyerere Tanzania nimeibiwa Mac/laptop mbili ila walinzi na watoa huduma wamekataa kuchunguza kwenye CCTV wametuzungusha mda… longest night of my life…  yani wanakataa kutoa huduma wakati tunaweza kutrace laptop zikiwa hapo tu karibu.. Tumetoa hadi report ya police ambayo ndio utaratibu ila wakakataa,“ he said.

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