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Actress Sandra Dacha and Comedian Mike Wako brought Ochonjo’s candle lighting  to a standstill after engaging in a bitter exchange.

Dacha clashed with Wako, accusing him of lying to the public about his relationship as well as Ochonjo’ final moments.

“Mike wacha uongo, uliacha Ochonjo. You left ochonjo,” Dacha interrupted Wako’s speech.

“Unajua Ochonjo alifika aje hosy, you are a liar. Unajua vile nilistress nikiomba watu pesa. Tulipeleka Ochonjo hospitali halafu anasema no one was there,” Dacha further aired her grievances.

Other content creators who were present also accused Wako of wanting to use Ochonjo’s death for his selfish gains.

Ochonjo, who is popularly known for his role in Njoro wa Uba comic,  passed away on May 10 after being hospitalised for a week. Apparently, his illness was caused by his drinking problem.

In her speech during the candle lighting session that was held at the Kenya National Theatre, Sandra Dacha urged artists and content creators to control their consumption of alcohol, saying that alcohol will finish all of them if they don’t take care of themselves.

“We need to take good care of ourselves. Raha ya pombe ni kukunywa kwa utaratibu. Don’t fight with alcohol. I remember we buried Amunga, we buried Olwenya, Othoul Othuol same problem. Ochonjo same problem. Wasanii tafadhali I beg you just stop it. Najua sherehe ni mzuri but just control. Daktari akikuambia achana na pombe achana nayo. Daktari akikuambvia achana na nyama kula mboga. This is very sad, we keep singing for people to quit drinking,” he said.


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