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Milly wa Jesus’ mother, Mrs Ng’ang’a, has left netizens talking after participating in Mike Sonko’s money challenge.

Mrs. Ng’ang’a took to TikTok saying that she a lot of money and that she doesn’t need anyone to support her financially.

“Naskia aje watu wanaongeaongea huko nje. Watu wanasema? Mimi sio mtu wa kupewa. Mimi niko na doh. Hizi si pesa?Hii ni ya maziwa asubuhi,” she said as she dropped several a thousands notes from her purse to the table.

She further insinuated that Sonko’s millions is nothing close to what she has. Mrs Ng’ang’a proceeded to another room in the house and brought a basket filled with a thousand notes.

“Ngojea, acha hio Sonko mnasema. Hii nini. This is money, I am full of money, msiniletee” Milly’s mother she said.

@mamamillywajesussonko money challenge with mama milly wajesus

♬ original sound – Mrs Ng’ang’a

Here are some of the reactions to her video;

“Not me thinking leso ziko uko chini”

“Hiyo kikapu najua imejazwa vitu then covered up with some notes.”

“I thank God my mama would have never gone this low irregardless of her status.”

“Next time mum ufunge leso ww n mzazi wetu..”

Mrs Ng’ang’a and her son-in-law Kabi wa Jesus recently faced lots of criticism lately for creating TikTok videos together.

A section of netizens feel that the two were crossing boundaries when it comes to traditions. Addressing the matter, Kabi said that those trolling them were hurting.

“It has come to my attention, there is a video that I did with my mother in love, whom I love very much, Mrs Ng’ang’a, and we were just there  having some  good time, having fun and enjoying ourselves and I found that some of you were not happy with that video. You are hurt because I understand that you are going through a lot in your life. You are hurting, your mind has a lot of some backwardness,” the father iof three said.




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