Controversial content creator Andrew Kibe has arrived in the country.

Kibe landed at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport on Friday evening ahead of his much anticipated event, dubbed Graduation Day, that will be held on December 3 in Nairobi.

The former radio presenter was dressed in an Arabic outfit, accompanied by dark sunglasses.

Attempts by YouTube content creators to get an interview from him however did not bear any fruits as he did not even respond to any of their greetings.

The content creators were left discussing upon themselves as he boarded a vehicle that was waiting to pick him.

“Kibe these are the same people who made your YouTube channel disappear ndio hawa nimekurecordia wote,” 2mbili said.

He also criticized Kibe’s escort saying, “si mungeorganize mkujie Kibe na gari safi safi. Hapo kuna Noah, Voxy na TX na mtu amekaa US 15 years.”

He further defended Kibe’s move to ignore media interview.

“The pressure is too much, I understand him, he doesn’t know the fans, criticis ni wagani  he is just correct,” he said

Another content creator wondered why the 47-year old looked slim yet in his videos he is always fat.

“TV yako ndio ndogo,” 2Mbili responded to the question

One of the people who was expected at the airport is KRG The Don , who had said that he would personally pick Kibe and teach him a lesson for the insulting him.

“Mimi nakuchukulia airport nakuuma hapo. Na lazima nikufinye b*lls watu wakiona watu wakiona na nirecord. Kama we ni master, vile unasemanga we ni mwanaume you don’t fear sijui nini nitumie itinerary nijue saa unafika ndio nikuwe nimepanga nakuchukua hapo airport , mimi mwenyewe bughaa, utajua mi ni msanii wa serikali na umetudharau sana. Kwaza mimi ulikuwa unanitukanatukana, utajua hujui,” KRG said in a video before.

In his Instagram account, the dancehall artist revealed that Kibe  was afraid of sharing his travel itinerary with him but he got wind of it through his intelligence.

KRG said that he was also heading to the airport to carry out his threat. After some time, he however shared another video of seemingly a group of men trying to stop him from going to the airport.

“If it wasn’t for this people who I respect so much mambo ingechemka mbaya sana,” he said,


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