It is barely months since Kibra-born rapper Stevo Simple Boy announced that he is saved.

In a series of posts on Instagram, the rapper said that a song by Christian Shusho had touched his heart, making him seek salvation.

He went ahead to reveal that he was interested in doing a remix of the song.

“Hii ngoma ya Nakuja ya Bunny asila akishiRIkisha @christinashush imenigusaaa sàaaaana 🥺 ningeomba wanipa vesi tuipige RMX ndugu yangu @asilabunn ukiona huu ujumbe kuja tuongee @officialchristi pia ameua,” Stevo said in one post.

“Hio ngoma ya Bunny asila na Christina shusho ndio imefanya niokoke ….#nakuja mambo Iko murwa murwa 😊” he further said in a separate post.

Earlier, Stevo had insinuated that he had a church, and he called upon his followers to join.

“Huna chako huna. Naitwa mtumishi @StevosimpleBoy8. Sasa mkuje church niwaombee na msisahau kubeba sadaka mtumishi anunue viatu,” he shared.

His latest social media post is however a total opposite of his salvation journey.

Stevo has shared a video of a woman twerking as he danced behind her while enjoying the music.

The video seems to be a promotion of his next music project, judging from the caption.

“VICHUNA hii itatesa saaana,” he said.


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A post shared by Stevo Simple Boy (@stevosimpleboy8)

This has however not sat well with a section of his fans. Some noticed that the duo’s dancing was not in order.

“Surely stivo hiyo kiuno iko juu sana,” a fan pointed out.

Another noted that he was now spoilt.

“Jesoh, !!stevo amejua hizi pia! Dunia iishe twende,” the netizen couldn’t hide his shock.

“Nowadays Stevo anatwerk using Mabega..😂😂Alafu anacheka na Nyash..Si akue kama TimmyDat,” read another comment.



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