Bongo singer Diamond Platinumz was left in distress after a fan stole his green cap.

The incident occurred in Dodoma, during a meet and greet session with his fans.

According to a video that has been widely shared online, Diamond and his team were making way through the huge crowd when one of his naughty fans reached out to his head, taking off his cap. The fan immediately disappeared into the crowd.

Diamond briefly stopped after his cap was taken but his security team guided him to the car as the rest continued to look for the ‘petty’ thief.

“Kofia lazima ipatikane kwasababu ina nguo nyingi,”Diamond told his security.” Yaani nguo zote zinzokuja navalia kofia hilo, sa mimi nitaavaje leo,”

He went on to direct a section of his security to stay behind and find the cap.

The cap was eventually found and returned to its rightful owner through the help of one of the locals. The cap was found in the hands of the boda who were each trying it on.

A relieved Diamond said that the cap was just a  normal one and wasn’t even expensive.


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The incident has however left fans with mixed reactions. Here are some of their comments.

Kissa: Nimejifunza kitu leo kwa simba, tusichukulie vitu kirahisisrahis jamani.

I am Ramji: Wenye macho ya kawaida wanaezajua ni kofia ya kawaida tu

Mush: Kanunue ingine tajiri, unalilia kofia tu

Alhaji Mwachaka: Weee zombie😂😂😂 Kummke Hauujuuui..mty mzm povu lmemtoka nyie mnaona kofia ila ile sio kofia

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