Akothee on her Insta story playfully disparaged rumours that she has split with her now  estranged husband Omosh.

The singer could be seen interacting with her stylist when she also announced that their maybe another wedding planned.

She playfully claimed that her next husband to be will be named  Mr. Ojingo the 8th and this time she promised she would not break in tears for her anticipated next hubby.

She further questioned on why netizens had concluded that she had parted ways with Omosh yet she did not make an official statement that confirmed they had parted ways.

However Akothee announced that her next fictitious beau Ojingo the 8th was temporary nick named as she had not identified her next potential groom.

“Si ata kuna harusi ingine inakuja na wakati huu sitalia Mrs Ojingo the 8th tuko kwa number 8 kiss as many frogs as you can before finding the right one na why do they think we’ve broken up sijasema we have broken up wameanza kusema Ojingo the 8th ” she said. “….from today I am Mrs Ojingo is a temporary name as we are still looking for the groom, Ojingo when you just see the next groom and then there are some idiots calling me you want to get first hand information you will not.”

She once again told off those claiming to be concerned by her situation by calling to find out how she is doing.

“Wewe ni fan kama sijawai kukupigia kukuambia whatever I am going through just know you are not in my circle sasa usinisumbue kuna watu nilkuwa nawapigia for business they were not picking now they tell me they are available  ujinga yenyu sitaki nyinyi ujinga yenyu sitaki mtakaa kama fans don’t call me,” she further added.

Meanwhile, the Instagram account linked to her husband Omosh Alias Denis Schweizer  has since been deactivated. The profile had amassed a substantial amount of followers but it is yet to be confirmed if it was permanently delete.



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