Comedian Mulamwah has admitted that he does not put on inner wears.

While commenting on Akothee’s remarks of not wearing inner garments from Kenya, Mulamwah confessed that he does not wear the attires totally so that his private parts can flow with gravity.

“Amesema mpaka za ndani havai za Kenya. Hata mi sivai za Kenya. Mimi sivai totally. Unakaa kimaasai. Ukiacha hivyo vitu zinaflow na gravity. Inafaa vitu zivutwe na gravity( She said her inner wears are not from Kenya. I also don’t put on the Kenyan ones. I don’t wear them completely. If you leave your private parts like that they flow with gravity. They are supposed to be pulled with gravity,)” the comedian said in an interview with SPM Buzz

At the same time, he insisted that women are disturbing him in DMs because his good looks.

“They saw I have a cute child. Most of them don’t want to be in a relationship so they say they only want babies with me. I always tell them I am not yet ready. That has brought me trouble. It has ruined my relationship with fans because they no longer focus on comedy. Ladies are here for the looks,” the father of one said.

Mulamwah further said that he was looking handsome because he was at peace and that he got the genes from his parents.

“There is no routine, if you are not cute, the routine will not work even if you apply avocado every morning. The more you grow, the body changes, physique, the beards have grown, they were not there some years back,” he said.

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