Rapper Stevo Simple Boy has dispelled claims that he is expecting his first child with wife Grace Atieno whom he introduced to the public for the first time a few months.

Through his Insta stories, the rapper said that his statement on expecting a baby was just a fools’ day prank.

“Jana ilikuwa April 1st Fools Day. Nilijua hamkumbuki. Nawapenda sana,” he wrote on Sunday evening.

On Saturday, which was April 1, Stevo said that his baby was on the way. He added that he will not reveal the child’s gender.

“My lover and I are doing perfectly well. We love each other. A baby is on the way coming. I can’t reveal the gender because that is God’s plan, and I can’t know. Hopefully, that will be my firstborn child. She(Atiemo) is not here with me in Nairobi. We depart to different places. She went to their home in Taita but will soon return,” Stevo said.

His ex-girlfriend Pritty Vishy  is among those who reacted  to the information. The content creator threw a shade at the rapper saying he is not responsible for the pregnancy.

“Nikisema mimba si yake mtasema nikona wivu(If I say he is not responsible for the pregnancy you will say I am jealous),” she wrote on her Insta stories


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