Few months after their first wedding anniversary January this year, gospel Artist Guardian Angel and his wife Esther Musila are still battling with fans over expected children.

The couple have a huge age difference and Guardian Angel has often been corned by fans who claim that he went for a mumama and his chances of making babies with her are almost nill.

However, during an interview section at MC Tricky’s comedy nite that went down yesterday Esther and Guardian Angel treated critics to slum once again after a blogger posed the same question to them

“I always ask, my children, how is that someone’s business? You don’t know me so why are you telling me when to get a child? Will you raise them? will you provide for them? Why are you telling me to get a child, for an online follower? People should mind about their business.” answered Esther.

For once Guardian Angel who has been evading the question  for quite sometime spoke out.

“I do not mean to be disrespectful, I am a gospel artiste. Especially for men, if you are a man, don’t ask a man about when they will be fathers. You might be surprised the children you are raising in your house are mine. It is only the mother who knows who is the father. So just mind your business.” the celebrated gospel artist responded

The couple has an age difference of 20yrs, their life seems to be going on well but the online family needs a child from them.

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