The Government through Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Mithika Linturi has announced that it will be buying a bag of maize from farmers at Ksh.4, 000.

Speaking at a graduation ceremony at Ndomba Animal Health and Industry Training Institute in Kirinyaga County on Wednesday, Linturi said that the new plan is set to protect the farmers from being exploited by brokers.

He pointed out that the government has enough money to buy the maize and urged farmers to deliver their maize to the National Cereals and Produce Board stores. Noting that the government wants the best for farmers, he further promised the that the government will provide machines to dry maize, rice and other cereals.

“We don’t want farmers to be exploited by brokers and that is why we have allocated funds to purchase maize… We don’t want farmers’ produce to rot, so we will provide grain drying facilities,” he said.

Touching on Artificial insemination, Linturi said that the price will be reduced, and that the government will ensure that farmers get better breeds of animals.

“We shall reduce the cost of artificial insemination from the current Ksh. 7000 to Ksh. 3000. Farmers play a key role in the growth of the economy and they must be supported by the government,” he noted.

The Cabinet Secretary did not forget to defend the president where he asked the citizens to give Ruto Time to stabilize the economy.

“Everything will soon be fine, let us give the government time to revive the economy” he added.

The institute principal, Dr J.W Macharia advised the farmers not to be exploited by selling macadamias at throwaway prices for the prices had improved.

“Currently, the price of Macadamia is Ksh. 110 per kilogram and farmers should not sell their produce for less than that,” he advised.

The Farmers are now in high hopes that the government has finally remembered them.

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