A video circulating online depicting two youths engaging in a muddy confrontation has excited netizens and sparked different conversations in social circles.

The trending video showcases a drunk male and a female seemingly arguing over a stolen phone outside a dingy nightclub in Thika Makongeni.

The phone  argument escalates to screams and swerves from the man which leaves the lady struggling to find the balance to stand up.

What caught the eyes of internet sleuths, however, was the manner in which the aggressive man knocked down the lady in the mud.

This he did violently as he asked for his phone back shouting at anyone who bothered to listen that the lady had stolen his phone.

The onlookers stared in disbelief and one of them could be heard in the background trying to calm the agitated man down as another helped the lady up.

The two went back and forth with each other in a local language known as ”shembeteng”, formally known as ”sheng” before Generation Z  switched it up.

”Na unipatie simu yangu. Nipe simu yangu Mercy. Mercy nipee simu yangu. Khai!Mwizi ameniibia tenje ameniibia tenje..tenje ya mee…tenje ya mee..ameniibia tenje unaskiza nini wewe ..tenje yangu…tenje ya mee..” the man ranted.


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Netizens flocked the comment section armed with opinions on the whole unfortunate drama.

Some warned the ladies against drinking alcohol  while others called out the double standards insisting that if it was a man who had been accussed of stealing the phone, the people would laud it while the rest just marvelled at the language used.

Sasa mtu hawezi ata weka number pole pole”

Mwizi hafai huruma 👏👏👏coz ingekua n mwanaume angekua amelimwa vibaya sana”

If you’ve ever been stolen from when you have nothing, or just violently mugged when broke, you’d know the guy’s pain.”




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