Celebrated actress and model Wema Sepetu has shared her view on men’s loyalty to their women, saying that there is no way a man will be satisfied with one woman.

She says that she has found peace of mind by accepting to live with that.

“There is no man with just one woman, it’s in their nature not to remain loyal to a single woman. Even if the man doesn’t have another woman now, he will eventually end up having more than one. It’s the sad, hurtful truth that we need to accept. I have accepted it,” Wema said.

She has been dating singer Whozu for close to two years now.

The 2006 Miss Tanzania contest winner clarified that her expressing of sentiment did not imply a hint on her partner cheating, further stating that at the end  the day her lover is a man like any other and anything can happen.

The couple has been trying to have a child for the longest time now.

When declaring her stand in the ever controversial matter, she feels unfulfilled as she has not been able to birth a child for her boyfriend.

“I love him so much and he loves me too however there is one thing (child) that I need to accomplish for him to cement our love. If it ever happens then that would be wonderful but I love him to death,” she said.

Wema has been having an undying wish to have a child but for over a decade now, she has not been able to hold pregnancy to maturity.

The actress lost her three months pregnancy last year after a heated argument between her and the Tanzanian entertainer  Whozu.

The Entertainer apologised deeply at the time saying that he was not aware that the argument would affect the pregnancy.

Wema had in the year 2020 claimed that her former Ex-lover the late actor Steven Kanumba cursed  her that she will never have a child after she aborted his two pregnancies.



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