Ugandan Socialite and Entrepreneur Zari Hassan and her husband Shakib Lutaaya walked down the aisle to solidify their union in a wedding that took place on October 3.

The ceremony went down in Pretoria, South Africa with all of Zari’s children in attendance.

Although the two have kept the matter under wraps, a video of the colourful occasion has since found its way to social media.

For their special day, Zari was dressed a gold gown with a white veil and net. Shakib on the other hand was dressed in a shiny suit. Zari’s son Nilan was dressed in a similar outfit while Tiffah donned a gown as well.


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The wedding comes just months after the couple had a traditional wedding known as Nikah which occurred in April this year during Ramadhan season.  The proceeded to unleash photos of the private ceremony in May this year with Zari later revealing that Shakib gave her a Quran as bride price.

“I had everything I ever wanted  in this world. God has blessed me, I have a beautiful life, my kids are okay and my buisness is thriving and I get gigs here and there. I am blessed enough  so for me I only asked my husband for a Quran because i am trying to up my faith game.  he was even surprised  when I told him that. So he bought me one so that’s it, only a Quran,” she told the press

Zari and Shakib begun shortly after she ended her relationship with another younger dude identified as GK Choppa. In April last year, it was evident that she had wrapped things with Choppa after she deleted their photos on her Instagram account. In May the same year she introduced Shakib and they were first seen in an event in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

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