Zari’s Hubby Shakib Cham Lutaaya has raised eyebrows about his motive when marrying Zari the boss lady, this is drawn from a video where he is heard  showering her with sweet words.

The couple were sited outside their house when shakib started recording the video as her business savvy wife Zari was right beside her.

He began with her widely known  sobriquet Zari the Boss lady and went to heap on her numerous praises which were attributed to her prowess as a business woman while embellishing her as the best person in East Africa.

Zari the Bosslady, president of the streets, ambassador of the ghetto , voice of the money , the best of East Africa , the frontline commander , ATM Machine , The original copy , The brother from another Mother ,.. Yes you are the king kong superman” He said while he smiled playfully.

Zari could not herself but burst out in rapturous laughter after she was showered with the enticing words.

This comes after it was rumored that their relationship had come to a standstill after a voice recording surfaced online that suggested Zari was tired of his lover.

The leaked voiced recording that is slated to be Zari she could be heard calling out shakib as a timid person who had  no vision in his life which is alleged to have infuriated Shakib.

Shakib who is younger than Zari responded with a post online demanding respect however he did not address the message to someone in particular.

Recently, Zari boasted online in a video that she is the kind of the woman who brings a lot to the table in a marriage.

Zari was standing on top of a high rise building while she listed the things she brings to a relationship as an accomplished and successful woman.

“Mimi ni aina ya mwanamke anayeleta mengi kwenye meza. Upendo, akili, hekima, kusudi, hadhi, nia ya makuu, thamani na msukumo #bosslady,” she said.







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