Its  barely days to Bahati’s and Diana’s 7th anniversary. In anticipation for the day, Bahati has been gifting Diana on a daily basis and one of the big gifts was paying her dowry.

Earlier, the couple had remained mum about the dowry ceremony although reports about it reached the social networks. The big day went down on October 7 and Diana took to social media to  commemorated it.

“If you told me 10 years ago that on this Day 07.10.2023 I’d be celebrating my Traditional Ceremony, I would probably laugh out Loud,” she said.

She went on to narrate the challenges she faced while growing up and how her life currently is the total opposite of her childhood.

“When you look at me, you see a Lucky girl but you don’t know what it has taken for me to get here. I’ve faced a lot of tough times growing up, I didn’t finish school because there was no money, begging landlords to give us a few more days was the order of the day, we had a book of Mkopo, kwa duka that we would pay monthly and that was normal for us.

“I left school and my first job was hawking Line ya ‘U’ when the long gone telecom started in Kenya. Then later became an Mpesa agent. I slowly made steps to the commercial world and became an overlooked receptionist, but who is God? I didn’t know I’ll live in my own mansion, drive big cars, become an employer, give the world to my children and live a life full of God’s Favour, Blessings and Abundance 😭😭😭,” the mother of three shared.

She also talked about her complicated dating life and how everything changed when she met Bahati.

“I’ve had my own share of life, ups and downs. I’ve dated all sorts of men, been used & dumped 😂 been heartbroken, been Bartered but all this was preparing me for Gods plan. I met @BahatiKenya and I dropped everyone because for once, my heart beat differently. The moment I knew we were dating, he has never let go of my hand. You see Gifts, you see me being crowned but all this has taken ALOT of Hard-work, Perseverance, Commitment, Apologizing when your wrong, we’ve wiped each others tears, Submitting even when I can’t stand him, leaving everything and prioritizing someones emotions when we’re down, encouraging each other even when we can’t see the light of day… the list is overwhelming,” she further wrote.

For the dowry ceremony, she wished that both her mother and Bahati’s would have been present, adding that they both come from broken families.

“If I was given one wish, It would be for our Mums to witness this day and celebrate with us 😭 But God had other plans. They’re watching us in Heaven and I know we’ve made them so proud. Babe, we’ve all come from broken families but thank you for breaking this chain and teach me what it means to keep a family and fight for each other when the world is against us. You have stood as the head of our House with so much love and dignity. You are my Safe Space. My prayer is that with Long Life May He Satisfy us and show us His Salvation,” Diana said.


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