Ruto had the internet on fire after internet Sleuths noted him rocking a pricey matted crocodile leather belt with a gold buckle adorned ‘SR’ that costs a whooping Ksh. 425,000 ($2800) in a church service at the Priesthood Fellowship Church in Kahawa West, Nairobi.

This comes shortly after the President asked Kenyans to tighten their belts towards the high cost of living which they claim is a pain to better change.

This is not the first time the president is setting tongues wagging for his expensive taste in fashion.

For instance his Run Star Hike Converse sneakers that he wore during the Youth Climate Summit at KICC, Nairobi which are believed to cost a cool $110 which is approximately Ksh 15000, his Kaunda suits which was recently accompanied by expensive Salvatore Ferragamo loafers while in a trip to the neighboring Kampala, Uganda.

The extravagant President catching people’s attention with his expensive tastes has been referred to a popular quote ‘they preach water but drink wine’. this falls shortly after him endorsing the bipartisan talks tabled by the ruling party Kenya Kwanza and opposition party Azimio la Umoja coalitions (NADCO) set to see the cost of living and interests of Kenyans catered for.

The President commenting on the tabled concerns by the parties not only advocated for 30% but also a 50% reduction in governments’ expenditure, urging leaders to live within their means for Kenya’s progress.

“They have given recommendations all those recommendations are okay. Where they said we lessen Government spending by 50%, I have done that already. Those calling for lessening to be done by 30% I suggest that they increase it to 50% for Kenya to move forward. We must learn to live within our means” the President said.

The Presidents’ belt has raised controversy and series of comments on X (formerly known as Twitter) where one of the Kenyans commented saying, “Kenyans should force this man to resign. He can’t be abusing us with taxes at the same time wasting the money lavishly.”


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