It has come to the attention of many that choppers used to rescue persons stranded are usually owned by Private entities and rarely by the government. The rescue team has also been noted to be from private organizations and not the public servants from the government who receive salary to carry out such tasks.

Politicians are always seen hopping around with military choppers on a daily basis as they tour the country to launch or inspect government projects and some for their own reasons for example home coming ceremonies.

The same was noted at the tree planting holiday where Kenyans raised concerns about the politicians who used choppers to go to various parts of the country.

Citizen’s termed this as wastage of resources. They  noted that when it comes to emergencies mostly during these times of heavy downpours, the choppers are nowhere to be seen.

An example to this observation is when a pregnant woman on Friday had to be rescued by a chopper belonging to the Northern Range-lands Trust (NRT) and Lewa Wildlife Conservancy for emergency operation after the ambulance she was in got stuck at Kulamawe area as a result of the heavy downpours.

On November 2nd, a chopper from Olmalo ranch rescued eight people from the morning floods after a lorry they were travelling in was swept away by floods.

According to the police, the driver lost control of the vehicle as he was trying to cross the flooded river Lerata.

Many people seemed to agree with these claims where one individual in X (formerly known as Twitter) said that these choppers are only in use of government officials.

“This is a second or third time a private individual has rescued Kenyans with his own chopper… zetu ni za kupeleka government officers’ kids to Mombasa or maternity?” stated the tweet.


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